Time (CST) Event
8:50 Introduction and opening remarks
9:00 Keynote (Karsten Kreis): Accelerated Sampling and Improved Synthesis in Diffusion Models
9:30 Keynote (Tommi Jaakkola): Diffusion Models and Alternatives for Molecular Modeling
10:00 Poster session
11:00 Panel discussion
12:00 Contributed talk: Molecular Docking with Diffusion Generative Models
12:10 Contributed talk: Statistical Efficiency of Score Matching: The View from Isoperimetry
12:20 Contributed talk: Multiresolution Textual Inversion
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Keynote (Guan-Horng Liu): Generalized Schrödinger Bridge: From Generative Modeling to Mean-Field Games
14:00 Keynote (Tamara Fernandez): Kernelized Score-Based Tests
14:30 Contributed talk: On Distillation of Guided Diffusion Models
14:40 Contributed talk: An Optimal Control Perspective on Diffusion-Based Generative Modeling
14:50 Contributed talk: Targeted Separation and Convergence with Kernel Discrepancies
15:00 Poster session
15:55 Award announcement
16:00 Keynote (Chenlin Meng): Score-Based Generative Models and Their Applications
16:30 Keynote (Mohammad Norouzi): Imagenary Patterns with Diffusion Models